Monday, 27 July 2009

The Power of Gratitude

Expressing Gratitude is another important factor when trying to allow peace of mind, and the first technique for thought control. Expressing gratitude allows you to feel positive and joyful about life, and in particular - YOUR life.
OK - so it may seem a little difficult to recognize the things that you have to be grateful for if your current circumstances are no where near how you desire for them to be. If your (Profile 1) sitting there reading this whilst interrupted by thoughts of the job you can't stand, the balance on your bank statement is not as high as you'd like it to be, you have a cheap car that doesn't always seem to want to start and you have a mountain of bills shoved away in the draw. Or (Profile 2) you've had no luck in finding a new job after being fired from the last, you currently have no money in the bank, you have no car nor can you afford to buy one, and you have a mountain of bills shoved away in the draw.
Both scenarios would seem pretty bleak if this resembles your current circumstances but although both profiles still have a lot to be grateful for, profile 1 has slightly more - in terms of materialistic things - to be grateful for than profile 2. Profile 2 desires to have the things that profile 1 has, yet for profile 1 these things are not enough.

I have had a lot of rough time's in my life, times when i was younger and we had to go without some of the most essential things at times. Without going into my life story i want to tell you that it made me and my younger sister so grateful for the things that we did have, and the times when we received just that little bit more. The way i look at it is that somewhere out there, there is always someone else that is a little worse off than you. We are all obviously blessed with life, and this is something that despite our current circumstances we should always remember to express gratitude for, but there are some people out there that literally have nothing. And for someone that has been half way down the other side of the scale, daily i take time to express gratitude for the things in my life. You may be profile 1 and sitting there right now thinking "Yeah yeah, you try living my life." But you try living profile 2's life. Or better yet the life of someone that has no income, no money in their pocket, doesn't no where their next meals coming from and has no roof over their head.
I'm not in anyway trying to make you feel bad for wanting more - believe me there is certainly much more out there for you waiting for you to find it.

What i am trying to do is make you see that you can and should always show gratitude for what you have, because compared to the lives of some - profile 1 is rich!

Identifying the things you have to be grateful for and regularly expressing gratitude for them allows the universe to give you more. As you express gratitude you will put yourself in a frame of mind - one that's of joy and expectancy, you will also allow yourself to recognize even more things that you have to be grateful for and you'll keep attracting more even greater things into your life. Because you are thankful for and appreciate what you currently have you are naturally putting yourself in a state of positive thinking because you are now focusing on what you HAVE rather than what you DON'T HAVE.

And in return the Law of Attraction has to reciprocate by giving you a LOT MORE.

Without gratitude, the energy you put out is I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH - and so, by the Law of Attraction, you'll keep losing more and more until you don't have enough.

It doesn't take much to take a few minutes out of your day to practice being thankful. I usually do it at night before i go bed and briefly in the morning as soon as i wake up.

But you could also do it:
  • Whilst in the shower
  • On your daily commute
I have decided to write a daily gratitude post and would love for you to also share your daily gratitude list by replying to that post. This allowing you to spend a few minutes if you have not done so already to express gratitude.
Here is my list for today:
  1. I am so grateful for having money in my pocket and in my bank account, a roof over my head, clothes on my back and for always having food on the table.
  2. I am so thankful for having a wonderful partner, a beautiful intelligent son and family and friends who love and respect me.
  3. I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in ever increasing amounts, through multiple streams of income, on a continuous basis.
  4. I am so thankful for being born me.
  5. I'm so thankful and grateful for being in good health, i am young in spirit, joyful and energised. I am happy with the way i look.
What are you grateful for today?

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  1. I'm grateful that I can see, hear, smell, touch, walk, hug.... :)