Thursday, 6 August 2009

Creating inner peace Part1

For me the discovery of creating inner peace has been an emotional and thrilling journey and still, i have a long way to go. My journey so far has forced me to really delve inside of myself. Everything about me is entirely different since my pursuit for happiness began. It's as if i finally have vision of something i was blind to before - a whole new way of living. A way that allows you to enjoy life, to see the full beauty of it.
I don't want to sound as if I'm trying to sell you something here, but I'm just really happy with my life -the life that i am creating for myself and i believe you should be too.
Creating inner peace, to me, is:
  1. Allowing yourself to feel the happiness you deserve to feel - none of us were put here - were given a chance in life to lead a life of misery, sadness, pain and/or depression.
  2. Building a good relationship with YOU. ( Up until 5 years ago i struggled with an eating disorder and up until about a year ago i struggled with self confidence issues. I've finally learnt to love ME. To accept ME for who i am, the way i am. I have learnt to better understand myself on so many different levels.
  3. Recognizing the beauty of life, the beauty that surrounds you. It's everywhere and in everything. Once you are fully able to see it, feel it and smell it you will feel a divine sense of bliss.
  4. You should RELISH life. Embrace each and everyday. Life is full of endless possibilities and opportunities.
  5. Never allowing anyone to take away or even temporarily disable your flow of inner peace. It is your choice whether you allow anyone or any situation to interrupt your happiness and general good vibe. Obviously your not a robot, you do have feelings, and certain things are going to affect you. But it is the way in which you handle people and situations that determines the control you have over your own happiness, because remember - YOU are in control of your own happiness. No one has any power over it but you, so it is your choice whether you allow anybody to interrupt it and to what level.
(Part 2 will follow shortly)

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